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PFWBS has an extensive database of all reports injuries and deaths to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission dating back to 1972.  The information on this page is for reporters, government officials, attorneys and anyone else interested in window covering safety.  We will add to this page so please keep it bookmarked for updates.

History of Window Covering Recalls

Footnote Links
Failure Analysis Report 1994
CPSC Safety Tassels 1994

FAQ submitted to PFWBS

How many children have been killed or injured by cords?

  • 554

Which product has killed or injured the most children?

  • Horizontal Window Blinds

What does it mean when window covering boxes say “child safe” on them?

  • This means the product complies with the WCMA/ANSI standard.

If a product complies with the WCMA/ANSI safety standard does that mean its

  • NO! This safety standard is developed and written by the manufactures. Long operational or pull cords, accessible inner cords and faulty tension devices all comply with the most current 2012 WCMA/ANSI safety standard.

How safe are the safety kits passed out by the Window Covering Safety Council?

How can I tell if a window covering is safe for children?

  • If the window covering has no accessible cords, front and back, it is safe.  Please see our safe products page for products that have been tested for safety.

Strangulations in Daycares

CPSC Daycare Study
Angels Law

CPSC Publications and Articles

CPSC Window Covering Information Center
Deaths and Injuries are under reported
Are your Window Coverings safe?
Roman Shade Recall
Top 5 Hidden Hazards in the home
CPSC Calls for ELIMINATION of strangulation hazards
Trilateral Letter to the WCMA

CPSC Meetings of 2012 ANSI/WCSC Standard

Notice a test for operational cords in earlier meetings but was removed in August)
April 2011
May 2011
July 2011
September 2011

CPSC Comments on ANSI/WCSC 2012 Standard

CPSC Comments on ANSI/WCSC 2012 Standard

Please see our Press page for several articles written about Window Covering Strangulation.

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